Why A Community Christian School : Family Focused


Our families love to get involved and want to be a part of their children’s academic and spiritual growth. Studies show that parent involvement is key to a child’s success. Being in the community enables the parents to be more involved. Parent training allows parents to volunteer and work in the school, creating opportunities for them in their own neighborhood. Gardere Community Christian School offers parent workshops. Attendance hours at workshops and parent meetings are required as part of the admission process and continued enrollment of each student. Parents are also obliged to provide a certain number of volunteer hours per school year. Volunteering may mean making phone calls, handing out fliers for events, sorting and counting out labels for points fundraising, organizing books in the library, etc. Many of these hours can be completed on their time at home. We want to work with each family. We want to create a partnership that is fair to them, the school, and those supporting the school.

Our parents have shown their interest and eagerness to volunteer and participate. We are grateful for their enthusiasm and willingness to do whatever they can to help the children.