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School Number: 225-387-5082

8538 GSRI Avenue
Baton Rouge, LA 70810


Mrs. Nancy Zito
Executive Director | Principal

Mr. Dennis Jenkins

Ms. Julia Kebanli
Volunteer Coordinator

Mrs. Cheryl Lott
Program Coordinator

Mrs. Jessica Machia
Administrative Support for Child Nutrition Program



Mrs. Linda McGraw
Pre-School 3 Teacher

Ms. Victoria Smith
Pre-School 3 Assistant Teacher

Mrs. Kaitlyn Garneau
Pre-School 4 Teacher

Ms. Paula Walker
Kindergarten Teacher

Ms. Bridgette Smith 
Grade 2 Classroom Teacher

Mrs. Lauren Darden
Grade 3 Classroom Teacher | Instructional Specialist

Mrs. Joy Shrewsberry
Grade 4 Classroom Teacher

Mr. Christopher Travis Howard
Grades 5 Classroom Teacher | Instrumental Band Teacher

Mrs. Sonia Godoy
Grade 6  Classroom Teacher

Counselor | Grade 6-8 Bible Teacher

We are a non-profit organization with public charity 501(c)3 status with the IRS. All donations can be made directly to Gardere Community Christian School and are tax deductible.