Global Wildlife Center Field Trip

Students, family members and staff all thoroughly enjoyed getting face to face with bison, giraffe, zebra, camels, eland, African Kudo and many more animals at Global Wildlife Center on May 18th as we took our last field trip of the school year.  Here is a sampling of what the students had to say:

“My favorite part was riding in the covered wagon.   We went right into the places where the animals were.  I learned that some deer use their antlers to dig holes.”  Timothy

“My favorite part was seeing the animals and when the animals took the feeding cups.  I thought that was funny.  I learned that all the animals at Global Wildlife are herbivores.  They only eat plants, not meat.”  Plausie

“One of my favorite parts was when I saw the big teeth and horns on the animals.  I even touched the bulls tongue – it was so long: it was hard on the top and soft underneath! I loved when the zebras were fighting!  I learned that the zebras bite to show they like you.”  Taurean

“My favorite part was seeing the tall giraffes eating from the trees and walking across the path.  I learned the mothers were going to have babies and that is probably why they did not come up to the wagons for food. ” Byron

“My favorite part was feeding the zebras by pouring the food into their open mouths.  You have to be careful because they will bite you because they like you and the food.”  Diamond

“I liked seeing the little giraffe with the mama and daddy giraffe. They walked so peacefully like on the Lion King.  I learned that the giraffes have really good hearing so you must be quiet when you are near them.” Vanicsa

“My favorite part was when the bull was ramming the zebras to move them out of the way so the bulls could get the food.  It worked!”  Fredricka

“My favorite part was that we even had math lessons as we learned!  (Hey, I am a teacher – I am supposed to say that!)  Anyway, did you know that a giraffe’s tongue is as long in inches as that giraffe is tall in feet?  So if a giraffe is 6 feet tall, how long will that giraffe’s tongue be?  Ask any of the students at GCCS and they will tell you the answer!”  Mrs. Zito