Policies and Compliance :
Gardere Community Christian School Wellness Policy

Gardere Community Christian School is committed to providing a dietary program and dietary environment that integrates the concepts of nutrition education, physical activity and nutrition standards for all members of its school community. Consistent with these principles, it is therefore the school’s policy to promote a healthy dietary environment that emphasizes the promotion of student health, the prevention of childhood obesity and the addressing of health problems due to poor nutrition and physical activity.  Such a policy ensures consistent standards in adhering to the guidelines established by the Louisiana Department of Education School Food Service Program.

Consistent with these concepts and applicable laws, the GCCS Wellness Policy strives to address and include all of the following components:
– Goals for nutrition education, physical activity, and other wellness activities

-Guidelines for foods and beverages available on campus during the school day

-Guidelines for additional activities promoting wellness

-Involvement of parents, students, representatives of nutrition program, school and public in the implementation of the policy

– Planning for implementation of above guidelines