First Presbyterian Church Board of Elders Welcomes GCCS

At their June 14, 2012 meeting, the board of elders from First Presbyterian Church unanimously voted to house Gardere Community
Christian School for the 2012-2013 school year at their facilities downtown. The students are bused from the Gardere area to First Presbyterian Church. GCCS now has three classrooms, a cafeteria, an indoor recess area and an office. The space has allowed us to expand while we
continue to search for a place in Gardere.

Less than three months ago we were still looking for a location, wondering how God would provide if we were to continue. Once again He has provided beyond our expectations and has shown us that His ways are perfect. The encouragement and support of First Presbyterian have been so very important over the last three years and now they have given us a place to continue and grow. We are grateful to the church staff, without exception, they have been extremely welcoming and accomodating.