A New School for Gardere InRegister Magazine 2011

Gardere Community Christian School was featurd in InRegister Magazine November 2011. You may read the article below or Click Here to ready it on InRegister’s website.

“A new school for Gardere”

By Sarah Chambles of InRegister Magazine

When Nancy Zito moved to Baton Rouge six years ago, she was more than troubled by the poverty and lack of community resources she witnessed in the area spanning Gardere Lane. She was move to action. In a community that would deter the average outsider, Nancy recognized her calling and developed a beacon of hope: Gardere Community Christian School.

Nancy, who spent 30-plus years teaching in New York schools, was always drawn to children’s education. She says the first time she drove through Gardere, she felt a “tug” and knew that God wanted her to “take care of His children there.” As she prayed for guidance in the years that followed, the tug grew stronger. She knew she couldn’t do it alone. “It takes a lot of people working together to do anything like this,” she says.

Nancy’s mission began to take shape two years ago when she started a tutoring program funded by First Presbyterian Church. Community members caught wind of her efforts and began to volunteer, and donate money and school supplies. In August, backed by more than 50 volunteers, Gardere School officially opened its doors. Nancy serves as both director and teacher of the school, which currently has enrolled nine students in grades 1 through 4. After a few weeks, Nancy says she already sees tremendous progress among her students.

The school operates now in a church sanctuary but is in negations to rent a building in Gardere. Nancy’s ultimate goal is to build a school – one that can also serve as a community center. But the project requires funding, and faith-based organizations are not eligible for government money. “It does make things harder, but we trust that God speaks to people,” says Nancy. “He provides through others.”

To learn more about Gardere School, visit http://www.gardereschool.com