GCCS Approved to participate in the new LA Student Scholarship Program

LA passes Student Scholarship Program

We are so encouraged by the recent push for educational choices here in Louisiana. As a State Approved school we are excited to participate in the new Louisiana Student Scholarship Program (commonly known as vouchers).
As a NEW State Approved school we are eligible to receive scholarships for 20% of our previous year’s enrollment. Since we had 10 students this past year we have 2 Kindergarten slots for the 2012-2013. The next year we will be able to add another 20% (based on our 2012-2013 enrollment). In the years after, any new students that qualify will be able to come into our school under the program.

As excited and grateful as we are, this still leaves a large gap in our operating budget. The goal of Gardere Community Christian School is to make a high quality, Christian education available to every child and family in the Gardere area, regardless of the financial circumstances of the family. One way that we meet this goal is to offer tuition assistance is based on household income and the number of people in the household for students that do not qualify for the voucher program. Most of our families receive 92-97% tuition assistance, but even that small amount is difficult for some families.

Tuition alone will never be able to provide the total necessary, but it can cover a majority of our expenses and the Scholarship program will make a great difference for us as we move ahead. For now, we are dependent upon the generosity of others. Would you please consider the giving options presented on our donations page of our website?