Seven students make it into Greater Baton Rouge Children’s Choir

Many of our fourth and fifth grade students auditioned for the Greater Baton Rouge Children’s Choir (GBRCC). Seven students made the cut and will be a part of the impressive children’s choir. We are so excited and thankful to the director of the choir, Jennifer Ellis, for letting us know about the auditions and giving our students who love to sing a wonderful and special opportunity. What a great blessing to be able to use their God-given talent in such a special way.

GBRCC has been offering choral education since 1997 and is known for its highly eclectic and artistic repertoire as well as its collaboration with local performing artists and composers. GBRCC presents two choral concerts during the season, collaborates with other arts organizations, and performs at community functions. GBRCC has performed with Baton Rouge Symphony, Baton Rouge Ballet Theater, Baton Rouge Little Theater, and Louisiana Sinfonietta.

GBRCC’s mission is to unite children in the community, building not only musical, but also character skills through choral singing. We are blessed to have some of our students be a part of such an outstanding program.