Volunteer Appreciation Day

Long before Volunteer Appreciation Day, the students began preparing for the opportunity to shower thanks on our wonderful volunteers.  They were excited to give back to those who gave so much to them all year long.  Whether bringing a meal, reading or math tutoring, praying with students or helping with various enrichment programs, the student’s days included smiles, encouragement and love from almost fifty volunteers.

Thursday, May 3rd in appreciation for all they have done, volunteers were invited to stop in for breakfast, lunch or an afternoon snack.  A Jason’s Deli lunch was provided for by a generous donation from The Lumpkin Agency and afternoon snacks were provided by the students and families we serve. Students wrote letters, made cards and framed pictures of the volunteers working with them to present to the special guests of honor.  Here are some comments from those who were able to be there:

“I feel so special!”

“The cards and letters from the students were so sweet and personal, written just for me for the things I did.”

“How beautiful everything is, lots of great goodies.”

“I will treasure my picture of me with the kids; it will go on my refrigerator and remind me to continue to pray for them.”

It was a blessing to have a special day for our volunteers since they have been such a blessing to us each and every day.  Thank you again to all those who served to make the year a true success.


 Volunteer List

God continues to amaze and bless as He brings dedicated and faithful volunteers to assist, love, show compassion and tend to the needs of  the students and staff at GCCS.  We are grateful for each of the volunteers below and thank them for their role in making this school a reality, without them this would be impossible.      We look forward to many more joining in our efforts as we move ahead. 


Mary Alfortish † Caroline Guidry † Will Morris
Paul Algu † Benjamin Hall † Carol Ann Nadeau †
Celeste Anderson † Marva Hastings Elizabeth Novak †◊
Maureen Andries †◊ Annette Hebert-Bell Claudia Phillips †
Jill Arbour † Emily Hernandez Kimberly Phillips †
Wilmer Barrett Leigh Hill † Diane Pitts
Charlene Belk Trevin Hoot † Renee Regen †
Laura Bonnoitt † Toni House Michelle Robinson
John Boudreaux †◊ Claire Hutchinson † Kevin Roig
James Boyd Matthew Hamilton † Jamie Senyard
Carrie Bridges † Edna James † Nancy Spiller †
Mary Brumfield † Ann Jennings † Donna Smith
Clelie Carpenter † Charleen Johnson †◊ Melinda Smith †
Tyler Carruth † Deidre Johnson † Lin Sturgis †
Caitlyn Clark † Louise Kinney † Amanda Sutton †
Katie Copeland † Nicole Klimacek † LaKeith Terrell
Tammy Cotton † Janet LeMoine † Lea Theriot
Rhonda Dawson †◊ Jean Liehe †◊ Onolee Thomas †◊
Gerrit Dawson †◊ Bill Liehe †◊ Joann Thurston †
Julie Dixon † Shiqui Li † Albert Torregano †
Catherine Douglas † Judy Land † Meritha Toston †◊
Pamela Downing † Laura Lytle † Phyllis Turner †
Donita Duncan † Ramona Lytle † Paula Walker †
Janet Fakouri † Carli MacMillan † Rachel Williams †
Laurie Fasullo † Jerri Manale Barbara Wingare †
D’Marques Forbes Frankie Manale Sarah Zandry
Carolyn Foreman Erica Marcello David Zito †◊
Mrs. Louis Kinney Catherine McCall Dan Zito †◊
Alison Gardner † Lauren McCall Michael Zito †◊
Valerie Gastinel † Laura McClain † Nancy Zito †◊
Matthew Geno † Kathy Megison Max Zoghbi †
Megan Garrett Mitzi Miller
Charlisha Grant Rachel Morris †◊ † Active in 2011-2012 school year
Karah Guillory † Christine Morris ? Have volunteered all three years
If you are a volunteer or have volunteered in the past and your name is not listed we apologize for the omission and ask that you please bring the omission to our attention by e-mailing onoleethomas@gardereschool.com